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Januari 09, 2010

was it the true holiday? or it was a hell-i-day? :p

hallo bloggers, i have an english assignment(again). and its about my holiday.

on the last holiday, i went to puncak with my mom, dad, mbak Gita, aunty Wie, and uncle Ucok. we went there by my car and we stayed there for three days. in our way to puncak, we listened to the radio, and the songs were really easy to listen. so i enjoyed the trip. in the half of our way, we rested at the gas station to pray and had a pee. we rested there for 30 minutes. and we continued or trip to puncak. we hardly found the location of the villa because the road wasn't easy to remembered. after 1 hour, we finally found the villa. we were really tired, so that we immediatly took a nap. it had been dark outside when we woke up. we realized that we were starving, so my mom cooked us a very delicious food. then we watched tv together, we talked, we joked, and we laughed. i really love my family. and then i played guitar and we sang together. my dad turned on the tv and we saw the news and it was about the death of Gus Dur. we all were really surprised and we felt like really lost him, as we know that GusDur always gave us Long Holidaaaay in his leadership period. Long Live Gus Dur!!!!!! HAHAHA. because of our togetherness ,we didnt realized that it was time to sleep.

i woke up in the morning. it was reaaaallyyyyy cold and i was almost frozen. and the crazy thing was uncle ucok and mbak gita swam. they were really crazyyy!! haha. my mom prepared us toast and cups of hot tea. in the afternoon we checked out and we went to the outlet first and back home. we went to many outlets to buy many clohes. i love shopping, so do my mom and mbak gita, finally we went home. we had a bad news, really bad news, that there was komo wanted to passed by a.k.a traffic jam. we had been sit in the car for six hours. finally we got home, and felt very tired.

in brief, i like my holiday and i want more holiday but unfortunately the holiday is over.


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