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Desember 07, 2010

So Random

Ive told that i will take a bath in my prev post, but... still mager hereeee. Haha!! I just cut my long haiiiir btwww! AAAAA it freaked me out but its not as bad as i imagined before. Wanna see? :p(narcisism).



What do you guys think? Which one is better, huh? I still feel weird with my nu hair haha idk why.. Btw  im in my happiest mood now. Cause the one that ive been waiting for will be here in 3weeks. 3 WEEKS! Really i cant wait to see him. Its been more then 1 year i havent seen him. I use to see his face from skype (well thanks to skype btw).. :) There's nothing happier than knowing this fact kay! haha i think its enough :)

xoxo, gits

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