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Oktober 26, 2011

another confession

Hulla again people.. Its rainy wednesday and it feels so cooold.. I'm wrapping myself under this blanket and listening to playlist named Dreizig. Its Deutsch which has meaning 'thirty'. Thirty is the date where I was officially Dwitya's. Blaah, did I just mention his namee? Well Dwiiit, why can't I get u out of my mind even for an hour?

Well so here it is..the story starts here..
Maybe someday u'll read thiss, and when u read this Dwit, just please don't get mad at me..kay? I just want u to know what I truly feel..I just can't say these to you in person..
Mungkin aku skrg udah keliatan biasaa, udah kaya balik lagi kaya semulaa..I may forgive you tp aku masih belom bisa lupaa..Tp dwit, it doesn't mean aku marah or bete or apapuun, for me, everyone deserves a second chance..apalagi kamu, the only reason of my smile : ). I just want u to use the chance wisely and I hope u won't do the same mistakee.. And don't ever take it for granted :'') *i believe that u will never do that to me*

and for now, All I can say is I love you for everything that it serves out.


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