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September 20, 2011

Another day of missing you

Hey there my online diary,
Its cold tuesday night and am here sitting on my bed..

There is a boy,
the most important one,
the cutest one,
the most annoying one ;).
and he has been in thought for hours..
Wondering where is he, what is he doing and who is he with..
How do i never get tired of thinking about you?
Do you feel the same? Do you think about me too?
Do you miss me? Like aching-in-your-heart pain you just cant ignore?
Staying awake at night, too busy worrying someone you love the most, like ur mind is going on and on?
Cause thats what i feel, every single day..

Tho you are far away from me, you will never ever be replaced..
You know i love you too much that even the dictionary doesnt have any words to represent my feelings for you..
This feeling right here, is the exact reason why i never gave up when everyone else said to stop trying..
I just want you to look at me like you have never looked at anyone else..
I want you to look at me like i have something other girls dont..
I want to be the one chance you take,
and i hope that i will be the last one you ever took..

I'll give you my all,
i will always be here at the side of your stage,
letting you live your life,
and i hope i will always be the reason of your smile.. 
I dont wanna waste my time with someone who is not you..
Its like why would i ever look for something in someone wlse when i already see everything on you : )

I love you Wira Dwitya. I did, i do, and i always will.