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November 02, 2011

just dont be..

Where have you been?

Boys say sorry when girls had enough for the pains they give and try to walk away.

Boys stay when girls move on.

Boys try their best when girls wiped their tears.

Boys change their bad behaviour when girls have let him go.

Boys get so weak when girls get so strong.

Boys stop ignore girls when girls ignore them.

Boys cry over girls when girls back on their knees.

Boys remember when girls try to forget.

Boys misses girls when girls try their best to fall in love with another men.

Boys realize they have the best when girls met men who will treat them right.

I asked you, where have you been?

Where have you been when she says sorry because she values her relationship more than her ego.

Where have you been when she tried her best fighting the voices inside of her head to stay.

Where have you been when she's crying and you're the one she wishes to wipe her tears.

Where have you been when she changed a lot for you.

Where have you been when you are the one who gives her strength yet you're the one that makes her on her worst moment.

Where have you been when she was panic because you ignore them, and asked all of your friends where you were just because she cared too much then you thought she was annoying.

Where have you been when she kneels and pray you would be just there for her.

Where have you been when you are the only thing that's in her mind.

Where have you been when she misses you but she couldn't talk to you because you said you were busy.

Where have you been when she's still thinking that you're the best for her even thought you are the only person who ruined her whole heart.

After all, you were the person she never wanted to lose.

But you didn't care she was there.

You didn't care she cried.

You said "It's all up to you." when she was hoping you would say "Please stay."

You stayed awesome and legendary when she wasn't okay.

You were busy when she was waiting a news from you.

You betrayed her when she trusted you.

You put your friends and hobbies first when she waited you to come.

And all of the things she wish you would do but you didn't do..

Cause basically girls would do everything she could do for you.

She would kiss and hug you all night long just because she wanted to.

She would stay sweet even though you won't care the little things she pays attention to.

After all, she would love you all the time even though you broke her heart. :)

And boys, have you told your girlfriend you love her? How much do you love her, just let her know.

Have you given a smiley through messages when you can't do it in person?

Those things would make their day.

But psst.. if she acts like what you do to her. She's just avoiding herself of getting hurt deeper and deeper.

I love you. But I'm afraid of getting hurt like days before.

Where you didn't care at all. :)

Her feelings

She is waiting for you.

She gives her full time.

She's busy, but still she replied your text.

She asks you to stay.

She gives all of her attention.

She smiles over the pain you give.

She hugs you with her feelings.

She stares at you with her feelings.

She watches you when you sleep.

She kisses you when you don't wake up.

She's looking at you during your tournament.

She's praying for you.

She thinks of you even she's with her friends.

She's proud of you.

She tells the good stories about you.

She laughs at your not funny jokes.

She says thanks to everything you did for her.

She says sorry whenever she makes a mistake.

She chooses to spend a day with you instead of spending a day with her bestfriends.

She always holds her phone cause she's waiting a text/a call from him.

She comes to your house to have a quality time with you.

She's dreaming about her future's gonna be with you.

She's still waiting on your free time when her bestfriends tell her to leave him.

She's still waiting..

What did she get?

He's not waiting for her.

He gives her no time for her.

He's busy and doesn't want to reply her text.

He won't ask her to stay.

He's still asking what did happen to her when she already gave the reasons.

He doesn't get hurt.

He hugs her just to make his girl happy.

He stares at her and laughs at the other seconds.

He watches tv/handphone when she sleeps.

He tickles to wake her up.

He doesn't see her during his tournament, even though she says good luck everytime your head turns into her.

He prays for himself.

He won't care about his girl everytime he's with his bestfriends.

He says the harsh words when she gets the bad score.

He tweets the bad things about her.

He looks at phone's screen everytime she laughs.

He doesn't say thanks.

He insists he's not making a mistake when he truly does instead of saying sorry and hurting her feelings, making her cry. But still, you stay awesome and legendary..

He asks his friends to hang out instead of his girl.

He holds the phone whenever he's with her and leaves the phone whenever she's not around.

He doesn't pay attention, he cares about his friends.

He's dreaming about what his shoes are gonna be.

He's leaving her whenever his friends tell him he should be.

He's leaving..

She doesn't deserve you, you know? But she still thinks about the greatest things when she tries harder, and holds on more. Even though she gets nothing but hurt, she just tries hader and harder.. thinks that she can through this and everything is going to be okay and normal. Man, everything's not going to be okay when she tries alone, and holds on alone. What she has been doing until she holds on this long just because she's used to the pain you give.

Believe it or not, when she leaves because she's tired of pretending she's okay or even tired of saying it's going to be okay and everything's working out or even she finally meets a man who's gonna put her first instead of all and you read this, your tears would be unstoppable, and you pass this blog to your friends, and your friends are just like "Congratulation, man you just lost the best girl you would never have again" and you want to kick 'em because you're putting their first instead of her.

Whenever men read this, I just hope you would say sorry to your girl and try to hold on together. Don't let her to be alone during her worst moments. Saying sorry for what you've done and hugging her or even spending a day with her would be recover at least a tiny of them.

Just don't be the man who lost her if you have one of this girl type. Just don't be.